The Future of Smart Technologies will Double In Less Than 10 Years

The Future of Smart Home Wireless Technology Affects US All.

The Future of Smart Technologies will Double In Less Than 10 Years

Wireless Home Security is the New Trend

Wireless Home Security Systems and Smart Home availability are already in Super-Trend Mode. The fact is, that it is already a $65 Billion market as we speak. The Future of Smart Technologies will Double In Less Than 10 Years. Projections are that it will double by 2025 to over $130 Billion market due to an excess of new and available disposable income with world-wide consumers, coupled with the newest available and affordable Technological products.

Globally, More Internet Users want in on this Accelerated Digital Trend…

Most of the worlds consumers have found themselves with a bit more disposable Income. With more money in their pockets and technology more readily available, world-wide consumers are taking advantage of the newer low cost Home Security Systems and piecing together a Smart Home Security making their homes more digitally sound.

Since just about anything that runs on electricity can be automated in a smart home, the first question people face is the decision of functionality outcomes they want so they can choose the best systems to achieve them, according to an article by Integrated Technologies of Australia.

The 5  “Must Have” Smart Home Automation features:

  •  Automatic Lights: Sensors that turn your lights on when someone enters a room or area. You can program them to turn on, off or dim at certain times and dates. This feature can give the appearance that someone is home, or help you get around in the middle of the night.
  •  Automatic Door Locks: These sensors can detect your smart phone when you arrive at your home and automatically unlock your front door or open your garage for you. Unlocking your front door or garage can also activate a variety of other systems such as lights, music, and heating.
  •  Smart Security Cameras: Smart security cameras will automatically detect motion outside your home and notify you on your smartphone and send you live images and live streams so you can assess the situation for yourself.
  •  Automatic Blinds: These are useful because, they can detect the temperature and brightness in a room and automatically open and close the blinds for optimum temperature and reduce your need for heating and cooling.
  •  Automatic Heating and Cooling: Programmable heating and cooling sensors that automatically turn on at certain times or temperatures and detect is no one is using that room to turn off.

With the introduction of Smart Home Innovation, the days of hiring a company to professionally install and monitor your home have come to an end. The once pricey security systems that were only for those with incomes that support an initial investment of thousands of dollars and a healthy monthly monitoring fee are long gone. You can still buy them but with today’s advancements in security, video doorbell systems and smart home appliances, most anyone can take advantage of the ease of use and protection for a fraction of previous prices.

Are You Connected? Your Family Matters

It’s no secret that crime continues to increase everywhere. Home burglaries and Invasions are on the rise WORLDWIDE according to The Home Security Superstore siting two obvious reasons:

  • First, is that regular home burglary is rapidly becoming more difficult because of home security cameras and social media. Historically only 13% of all home burglaries are solved. But that is rapidly changing with homeowners using surveillance cameras to take pictures of the perpetrators and posting them on social media. More burglars are getting busted this way. Police are even using this same technique to catch the bad guys.
  • Second, most home burglars are petty thieves who commit the crime of burglary to get quick cash by pawning items they steal from homes. The cash is then used to feed their drug habit. And drug use is getting more widespread every day.

The Definition of a home invasion is an illegal and forceful entry to an occupied, private dwelling with intent to commit a violent crime against the occupants, such as robbery, assault, rape, murder, or kidnapping.

More and more burglaries are happening with the occupants at home. Home invasions have become a regular occurrence, and life altering assaults continue to increase as well. These crimes that were once isolated to downtown (or urban) areas are now reaching out in to the suburbs and country sides. What does that mean? It means that criminals are getting more bold. Rather than just haphazardly breaking into homes, they are now scoping out and targeting you and your homes. “Staking YOU out” if you will. This means that these more aggressive criminals have already made a profile on your home and are learning the routines of those living there. That’s pretty scary!

Life Becomes More Simple with Smart Home Integration

Consumers, these days, are aware of this fact and are buying wireless home security systems and or, integrating them into their Smart Home Systems. With security systems readily available for monitoring from their cell phones they are able

The Future of Smart Technologies will Double In Less Than 10 Years

to be notified when someone steps foot on their property before getting to the door. Video records the actions of the intruders, notifies the homeowner and they can put their “Safety Plan” into action to avoid further trouble. This growing technology excites all consumers because it gives YOU more control of what is happening on your property or inside your home. You have control at your finger tips to monitor and customize your home for security, safety and ease of use.


Consumers are Excited About this Huge Trend as It Reaches Viral Stages

Consumers are further excited about the opportunity of not only being better protected but integrating Smart Home features into their Security Systems providing cell phone touch to control home appliances such as: Air Conditioning, heat control, Television, light dimming or on and off, garage door, ovens, etc. Most systems come with voice control also so life becomes so much easier for the consumer. To top it all off, these systems are a fraction of the cost that the old hardwired systems and monitoring would cost. They are now affordable to all and in most cases include a discount on home insurance policies.

The World Is Arming Themselves with Information and Taking Action

Arming themselves for the ever-increasing battle against Personal and Property Crimes, more consumers in every part of the world are taking the time to plan their House hold Emergency Plans and Investing in Home Security Systems and Smart Home Technology. Crime is rising all over the world and stretching from downtown Urban areas all the way out to preferred suburbia. Meanwhile, the Suburbanites are being watched and profiled by criminals. You are vulnerable of being preyed upon just like anyone else. Armed with this realization, you can make the decision, like so many others are doing, and fight back by putting into action a Two-Step Program for their safety. Practicing a burglary/home invasion Action Plan, and investing in a Home Security System. I do recommend the Amazon: Ring 5 piece kit + Video Doorbell.  My experience is that it works wonderful and set up in 5 minutes.

Thanks for reading my article and I hope it makes you think and take action. For a little invested time you can prevent the worst from happening to you and your loved ones. As always, I would love to read your comments below.



  1. Effie says:

    I am unquestionably relieved! Safety at home for my loved ones is a vital priority for me but the amount of money needed to install a really effective home security system was a definite noway! Your article made it clear to me that FINALLY, security is becoming affordable to all of us. So, burglars are getting bolder? With articles like this and your expertise on the subject, I am sure they will remain unemployed LOL. Keep up the good work, Brian. I’ll be coming for more!

  2. Gordon says:

    Nice read! With the rapid increasing of technology and the connectivity of these devices to the internet, it only makes sense to have these help protect your home.

    I’m going to look into these to incorporate into my security system.

    Thanks for the good read!

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