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    The Home Security Connection

    The Home Security Connection

    • The Difference between Wired vs Wireless Security Systems

      Welcome back to my series of articles that will get you ready for your decision on what type of home security system you need.   Let’s address the difference between Wired vs Wireless Home Security Systems. As the series continues, my Two-Step System for your security began with Step 1, followed by Step 2. We are elaborating…

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    • Step 1 – Family Emergency Plan

      Step 1 – Family Emergency Plan Your not Safe Unless You have a Plan: A household plan (SAP, Safety Action Plan) is the single most important way that you can ensure the “best outcome” for you and your family members should you be faced with a life threatening situation. It is also the first step…

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    • About Brian

      Welcome to the Home Security Connection Hi everyone and welcome to the Home Security Connection, my Video Security website.  I developed this site for regular people like you and me. Affordable and enhanced video security has been a passion of mine ever since my early 20’s. For over three decades I have dealt directly with…

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    • My Short Story

      The Home Security Connection: My Short Story Hi everyone. Welcome to my website. Over the last 30 + years I have been involved extensively with video, audio, surveillance and security platforms in careers with the US Military, Law Enforcement, and Professional Systems Security. I have learned that bad things happen to “all people.”  There is…

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    • You seem to get your money worth here. Thank you for sharing.

      by Eco_Catherine diy Home Security Systems Reviews - SimpliSafe

    • Thank you, I am glad you got some value from the article. Vary important subject that people are just beginning to discover.To your question, Yes, in fact I have an article coming out shortly however, I will share an early tip that will make a big difference while you’re away. Leave a radio on in the house while your gone. It’s a huge deal breaker for burglars that don’t expect anyone to be home. More tips coming, feel free to stop back by for more tips. I welcome all question and comments.Brian

      by Brian How to Avoid a Home Invasion - Will change the way you think

    • I had no idea what is a home invasion until I stumbled upon your article. It's very helpful and filled with good and useful information.Especially the information about how to make our homes less appealing to a criminal. So many good tips.I travel a lot. And your tips will help me think about how to make my home less appealing to a criminal when I travel.Would you have any additional tips for people like me who travel a lot? Or do you have an article that can help?

      by Timotheus How to Avoid a Home Invasion - Will change the way you think

    • Thanks for reading. I hope you got some good ideas from it.Brian

      by Brian How to Defend Yourself during a Home Invasion

    • My pleasure. Let me know if I can help steer you all in the right direction. I'd be happy to help.Brian

      by Brian How to Defend Yourself during a Home Invasion

    • I appreciate you taking a look. Glad you liked the article.Brian

      by Brian How to Defend Yourself during a Home Invasion

    • Thank you for sharing

      by Flo How to Defend Yourself during a Home Invasion

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