Smart Home for the Elderly

Smart Home for the Elderly

Turning a Home into a Smart Home for the Elderlly

With new advancements in technology gaining traction at record speeds in the home automation market, no one could be more happy about it than our aging populations.  Now Smart Home for the Elderly are a fully integrated plethora of devices to make living at home a seamless operation that previous generations could only find in elder care facilities, or at home with family members.

Smart homes offer consumers many options. And let’s face it. Do you want to grow old in your kids home? Or in a convalescent center? As adults move on in age, certain functionalities tend to deteriorate, such as:

  • They become unstable on their feet
  • Their eyesight tends and hearing diminishes
  • They often lose control of their bodily functions
  • Loneliness sets in along with uncertainty and worthlessness
  • They experience a loss of companionship

The list can go on and on depending on how one ages and their ability to adapt in their environment. In situations where people need some extra help and care, it’s comforting to know that they can and do thrive with the assistance of Home Automation Technology.

Whether Aging adults choose to live their lives in their own home or in a seniors community, has been made much more simplistic with Wi-Fi driven automation devices such as:

Top 10 Smart Home Must Haves

Door locks and security systems

Smart door locks and security system technology is at the forefront of the independent living initiative. It’s the top tool to protect your home and give your family peace of mind. A smart security system allows your family to monitor the entrance activity to your home, so they’ll always know you’re safe.

Smart door locks let you lock your door no matter where you are. Give multiple security codes to caregivers and family members so you never have to worry about leaving spare keys or being away when visitors swing by.

Smart doorbells

Most smart doorbells come with video surveillance, speakers and microphones for added home protection. Communicate with visitors from anywhere inside of your home to let them know that you’re available and on your way to greet them.

If you’re hearing impaired, set up vibration alerts on your smartphone so you’re always alerted when someone’s at the front door. In case of suspicious activity, view and record visitors at your door from your smartphone or tablet.

Wi-Fi enabled refrigerators

Your smart refrigerator keeps track of your grocery list and delivers it to a participating grocery store near you.  When you’re ready to see what you have on-hand, view the inside of your refrigerator from an app on your smartphone and receive notifications if your refrigerator needs maintenance.

Automatic stove turn-off devices

Have you ever wondered if you remembered to turn the stove off after you’ve left your home? Home automation technology could be your solution.  Automatic Stove turn-off devices come with a timer, motion sensors and an automatic shut-off feature to ensure that your kitchen equipment powers down when you want it to.  Set a time limit of up to 40 minutes, and your stove will automatically power down for your safety and convenience.

Automatic medication dispenser

You rely on your medications to keep you at your best. Automatic medication dispensers can ensure all of your medications are taken on schedule and according to the doctor’s orders.  Your dispenser alerts you or your family of missed medications and even provides your physician with detailed reports regarding your medication activity.

Smart home hub

Living on your own is simple and convenient with a central smart home hub to command all of your smart devices.  Sync your smart thermostat, entertainment system, light switches and more to your smart home hub to connect all your smart devices to a central all-in-one unit. You’ll be able to control all of your technology from the comfort of your living or bedroom. Also, easily give your family quick access to all your smart devices whenever they come to visit.

Smart thermostat

Enhance the quality of living in your home with a thermostat that learns from your behaviors and gives you remote access.  Conveniently pre-program your smart thermostat for when indoor or outdoor temperatures reach a certain degree and save money by tracking your energy consumption as you go.

Many Smart Thermostats use easy-to-read LCD touch screens for effortless use, while standard thermostats can be confusing or difficult to read. Access your Smart Thermostat using your smartphone or connect to your smart home assistant for voice-controlled use.

Key Locators

When you’re ready to head out the door, losing your keys can be frustrating. Now you can locate your keys and other essentials you misplace using your smartphone or tablet.  Most key finders come with a two-piece system: one that attaches to the items you lose track of the most and one to keep on your person.  Attach the device to your keys, the remote control or your wallet or purse.

Smart light switch and Dimmer

Don’t worry about fumbling around your home in the dark. Control the lights in your home using timers or voice commands with the help of your smart home assistant or via an app on your smartphone.   These devices not only help shine a light when you need it most, but they can also help cut energy costs and promote home security while you’re away.

Health monitoring sensors

Remote health monitoring is a non-invasive, cost-effective method to receive healthcare services from the comfort of your home. Wearable health monitoring sensors communicate physiological data directly to your healthcare providers in real-time.

Monitoring sensors can be worn in a variety of accessories to track heart health, exercise activity, chronic conditions and more.  These are just a few of the devices available to consumers that allow you to control your life and independence in your aging years.

Elderly Independence

The Importance of Independence

It is important for seniors, elderly and disabled folks to feel their independence. Independence means self-reliance, choices, and living a fulfilling lifestyle.  Loss of independence can be very frustrating to older adults. They have spent their entire lives living independently, working jobs, raising families, and making decisions and living freely on their own terms.

The natural effects of aging can make independent living harder than it once was in their earlier years. Difficulties with mobility, behavioral health conditions, isolation, loneliness, and financial strains are just a few contributors to their loss of independence.

Culture Roles in Family Care for loved ones

How an aging family member lives out their elder years greatly depends on their culture. In many cultures throughout the world, families take care of family members until death.  Meaning, often times you’ll see the children taking on the responsibility of caring for the aging parent(s) until the end.

For those who cannot care for their family members or blend the generations in their home, there are Senior Living Facilities, Senior Living Communities, etc. depending on the level of care they need. Many seniors these days choose to remain in their home and as they begin losing mobility may need help in daily tasks and functionality.

7 Categories that Seniors need the most help with

  • House and Pet Sitting
  • In Home Care
  • Gardening and Lawn Care Services
  • Housecleaning Services
  • Mobile Aesthetic and Concierge Services
  • Window and Gutter Cleaning
  • Odd Job/Handyman Services

Their basic needs will include financial security, personal security and safety, health care and health challenges, mental health, and self-actualization.

Smart Homes for the Elderly made Easy

Smart Homes have enabled all people the convenience to automate their daily lives and needs with the push of a button, voice or remote control.  Although the home automation industry is available to all people, it especially offers the elderly and disabled a new lease on independent options.

Our world’s ever growing population of Seniors, those at or above the age of 65, experience needs, wants and desires that home automation supports with added convenience and ease of use.  The old days when Seniors were once tucked away in elderly care homes and convalescent centers, only to spend their “Golden Years” isolated in hospital communal environments are in the past.

This time of life for them is more prohibitive to many children caring for their elderly parents due to their own family responsibilities, job schedules, kids and finances.  With the ever growing market of Home Automation (Smart Homes), the needs of the elderly are being exceeded without the daily assistance of others.

Home automation allows the elderly the freedoms of aging on their own terms, living longer lives, independent of assisted Living facilities.

Elderly Peace

The Benefits of Smart Home Automation for the Elderly

Through the use of the various devices, you may create a system that not only controls all electrical, thermal, water and power in your home with the added benefit of keeping you safe as well.  For aging in place, you can increase the level of safety and security by adding more automated lighting, sensors to track activities, video at entrances, automated drop-down shelves and more.

The home automation market and technology is advancing at an incredible rates and it is just getting easier to use. More automated devices to assist the consumer are being developed daily.  One very important notation is that, in the past the consumer had to rely on professional installers and could expect hefty installation fees and monthly bills for service. That is a thing of the past.

Technology today affords people the ease and ability to DIY (Do It Yourself). Obviously, there may be services you want to pay for, such as fire or emergency monitoring.  With the DIY systems you can set up a home automation system, own the equipment and design it around your lifestyle with less, or no, ongoing fees.

Wrap Up

Home automation systems use technology in the home to help complete tasks automatically, making tasks easier for those that live there. It is technology you don’t see and it makes your home life better, easier or more safe.  Automation has been proven to make people’s lives easier, their home more functional and to enhance the enjoyment of their home.

Home automation technology is available today and takes that a step further, allowing people: all people, senior and disabled, to live more safe and secure in their own home.  The automation tools (devices) can be used to provide relief or assistance for tasks, safety and make your home easier to live in as you grow older. Feeling safe, secure and functionally mobilized is at the top of the platform when it comes to seniors quality of life.

I hope you have enjoyed this quick read and possibly learned something of benefit or at least gained knowledge for a later need.  Please feel free to leave your comments below.


  1. Angella M says:

    I have worked with elderly folks and what you say here is quite practical for the elderly. This would be so helpful if it was made available cheap though as most are on pensions and would be a stretch ti afford. Good article and very informative.

    • Brian says:

      Thanks for reading, I agree it can be a bit expensive to buy all at once. I pieced my system together little by little and caught sales. That made all the difference.

  2. Great article. Will be really helpful for those who already run elderly homes and if they are planing to make those smarter.

    • Brian says:

      I agree. However, the bigger picture is that the elderly are now able to spend their older years in their own home with the help of an automation. It’s nothing more than adding a low cost efficient hub ($50-$100) and accompanying devices, connecting them to the hub app, and you’re in business.

      You could upgrade an elderly care facility, but the trend is elderly want their own independence and ability to thrive on their terms. That’s what Home Automation accomplishes for very little money.

  3. Christopher says:

    Great article with useful tips! Items you mentioned like automatic stove shutoff and automatic medication dispensers can certainly help families breathe a little easier knowing their elderly loved one is home alone. Wonderful technology that allows them to keep their independence.

    • Brian says:

      Thanks for reading. Amazingly enough, it seems all conceivable things can or will be able to be automated remotely. Believe it or not, I’m reading up on pocket drones that fly up to 20 ft up and follow a burglar after they get scared away from a burglary attempt on your home. It’s amazing what’s in the works. Thanks for your comment!

  4. Amera Eid says:

    What a great article with very useful ideas and tips . No matter how old you are now, we are all headed to a place where if we learn about smart homes now we will be better informed . I had no idea all this can be put in place for not just the elderly but people with disabilities . With the way the world is now , in isolation it would make many people feel much better if they can check in on there older folks remotely as well . I am blown away about the fridge to do the shopping – wow ! Who would have thought . Thankyou for a very thoughtful article 🙂

    • Brian says:

      I’m so glad to hear your liked the article. Yes, it is amazing all the things available. And this is just the beginning – who knows everything we’ll be able to do with security and automation in the next 5 years.

      Thanks for your comment.

  5. Umar Yokota says:

    Very well informative article. Didn’t know there were so many cool and convenient stuff for elderly people. They will definitely make their lives a lot easier and I appreciate you chose this niche. Shows a lot about your effort in providing value to the lives of the people.

  6. suzanne says:

    Hi Brian,
    What a wonderful article, thank you!
    My husband and I are in our sixties and some of these ideas are sounding really useful. In fact, I could have used some of these years ago, lol.
    I’m thinking more of my 80 yr old mother who is still living at home. She’s doing well for her age but is getting forgetful. I especially like the automatic stove turn-off and the key finder. Tools like these would make my sister and I feel much better.
    And you’re right! At the rate things are developing and becoming easier to use, by the time I need them it’ll be great!
    Thanks again,

    • Brian says:

      Thank you for your comment Suzanne. Yes, just about everything you can think of falls in the smart home category. I’m excited to see what the future brings.

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