Smart Alarms for Your Home

Smart Alarms for Your Home

Smart Alarms for your home

Your Family’s Safety: Newest Technology

In this article you will be introduced to the concept of “Smart Alarms” for your home; what they are, what they do, how they benefit you, and the  potential challenges.

By the end of this article you should have a good sense of direction you plan to go in to best suit your needs.  So please feel free to browse my site for more information as it will help you make better decisions for your family’s safety.

As always, I would appreciate your comments below so I can get a growing sense of what may best suit you.

So Let’s Dig in…

In recent years smart alarms for your home have started to dominate the market place as professional installation and the high costs are no longer necessary.

These newer Smart Home Security Systems are wireless, blue tooth ready, can be monitored from anywhere remotely (on your mobile phone, tablet or iPad), the cost is much lower, and efficiency is high–in comparison to alarm systems of the past.

The newer smart alarms record video in high-definition, allow you to answer, lock/unlock, your doors from remote locations via your cell phone, adjust your major home appliances in real time, and even assist the police in investigations of similarity in your neighborhood.

Best of all–They will help Save Your Life!

As recently as 10 years ago, consumers did not have access to technology that let them manage their own home security systems. Smart Alarm systems changed that.

Originally, traditional security systems were costly, hardwired right into your home, monitored by a central station/company with exorbitant monthly fee’s.

Those days are over due to new technology that has advanced home security into the consumers hands to control and low costs, very little installation and app driven safety. Companies like Ring are app driven, with varied capabilities ranging from doorbell video and monitoring, to running your home appliances, detecting suspicious activity in, on, or around your property.

They can send police a video also to help track offenders-all controlled from your cell phone.

What is a Smart Alarm System?

In a nutshell, smart alarms empower the end user–YOU to build your own network of security (door locks, video cameras, visual/audio, while retaining control through your cell phones.

They use wireless technology, home networks and mobile phone integrated apps to enhance the security of you, your family and property into your everyday life.

From door sensors to wireless CCTV video footage, a smart alarm for your home means you can customize, monitor and manage your security systems anywhere at any time on your mobile phone.

What are the Benefits?

More and more homeowners are installing their own smart alarm systems in minutes. There are many benefits, including the following:

  • Price: Smart Alarm Systems can be much more cost effective because consumers avoid paying costly professional installers and high monthly monitoring plans.
  • Do It Yourself (DIY): Consumers now enjoy the do-it-yourself aspect of smart alarms, since they can choose the technology and components that they feel best meet their needs.
  • Control: No need to involve an alarm monitoring company as the consumer can retain control of all features. Most prefer this level of involvement in monitoring their home security.


Challenges? What are the risks?

One of the challenges smart alarm systems pose to the consumer is the risk of being hacked. Improper home network configurations, flaws in devices or password compromise could allow a hacker to break into the system and determine if anyone is home, or even seize control.


3 Measures to prevent being hacked:

  • Secure the Device’s Password. Use a mixture of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and other characters, such as question marks or exclamation points, to increase the complexity of your password security. Additionally, change default passwords and don’t use them on others sites.


  • Knowledge of Device and Processes. Some devices may take photos or videos presenting privacy issues and other’s may rely on cloud technology for data storage and processing. Users should understand privacy implications as well as any protections afforded by the device manufacturer.


  • Software Updates. It is important to update software app updates in a timely fashion. These updates provide additional security and current technology so that you can remain protected under the device specifications.

To Sum it all Up:

We have covered, “what a Smart Alarm for your home” is, “how they can be used,” and “what potential risks are involved.”

With the many smart alarm systems you will have within your control, a computer based app will run them from your phone, computer or iPad.  You can customize and program your systems sensitivity for video, audio, store it in a cloud or use a company’s monitoring storage system.

It is important to remember to change your passwords periodically and run updates to stay current with new technology. You are in control of what your system can do.

You can also decide where to place video cameras, door and window sensors, what appliances, if any, you want to run on the app.

This allows you to record and talk to whoever may come on to your property from anywhere in the world using the app on your mobile phone.

Most can also be used in unison with Alexa. Smart alarms are a great alternative to expensive alarms of the past and are highly efficient and cost effective.  You can click on the below smarthome box to get ideas on more smart alarms and automation for your home.


I Recommend and preach a Two-Part Plan of Action

You can read my previous articles (Step #1) Develop A House-Hold Plan and (Step #2) buy a Low Cost Efficient Home Security System.

These two measures will give you the Peace of mind you are seeking while layering you with protection for you, your loved ones and your property.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and that it gives you some helpful decision making insight.

Feel free to leave any questions or comments below. I will respond. Remember, ultimately this website and information have been developed as a platform for YOU. - shop now!


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    We’re on the same trade Security Alarm and Surveillance System. I also do Fire Alarm System for homes and buildings. You are right, technology has evolved from wired to a wireless alarm system, analog CCTV to digital, and so on. Homeowners can now monitor and control devices from a smartphone anywhere. But along with these technologies, the right action plan is the most important. Very informative video footages.

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