How to Stop Burglars from Targeting your Home

Stop Burglars from Targeting your Home

Ward off Intruders

Discover How to Stop Burglars from Targeting your Home.

Don’t fall prey to burglars, Add One Simple Step to Survive.  Three Elements must be Present for a Crime to be committed:

3 Elements of a Crime

Police Departments use the Crime Prevention Triangle (as shown above). This is a concept that states that, in order for a crime to occur all three of the triangle’s elements – desire, ability and opportunity – must exist.  If we eliminate any one of these elements, a crime has not occurred.

Discover the Secrets of the Triangle – 3 Elements:

    • Desire – The desire of a criminal to commit a crime.  We, as citizens, cannot alter or remove a person’s desire to commit a crime. If someone really wants to commit a crime, they will.
    • Ability – A person’s ability to commit a crime.  We cannot affect the ability of a criminal to commit a crime. He or she will find a way.  He or she can be thousands of miles away, use telephones, or the Internet. Not even physical impairment will stop some individuals from committing crimes.
    • Opportunity – The criminal’s opportunity to commit crimes.  This is where we can take action to prevent crime. By removing the opportunity for crime to occur, we have broken the Crime Prevention Triangle.

Tying the 3 Elements Together

We don’t have the capacity to physically and mentally change a person’s desire and ability to commit a crime. It’s a non-negotiable and we have to accept this fact.  If a person has made up their mind and has the desire and ability to commit any act – it is just beyond the control of a third party.

However, as a part of our responsibility to keep our family and home from safe, we have an obligation to eliminate the third element – Opportunity. This element is perfectly within our control.  When this element is removed the triangle does not exist and therefore, a crime does not exist.

Without an opportunity to complete the crime triangle, there is no crime and our families are safe. Therein lies our opportunity and Responsibility to Prevent crime from happening in the first place.

Change One Habit

The one element that we have control over is Opportunity. If the opportunity does not exist for a person, criminal or intruder to commit a crime, then it cannot occur.  We can best eliminate Opportunity by Preventing or taking the opportunity out of the equation.

Prevention requires you to take on a mindset in which you analyze or think about a situation, assess it and eliminate the opportunity for it to happen.  Make sense?  Example: If you buy your son a nice shiny red bike yet leave it out in your front yard, the opportunity for someone that wants a shiny red bike exists.  Now, someone with the desire (or want) to have that bike, and has the ability walk on your property and take the bike – there is a crime.  You helped complete the triangle.

Point being, put the nice shiny red bike away, and no one can steal it.  You have eliminated the opportunity to commit a crime.  Nice Job!

Now the habit we are going to change is called “Forming A Prevention Mindset.”  In our case, the mindset will surround your ability to keep your family and home safe and secure by preventing any opportunities for the opposite to occur.

Simply put we are going to have to practice preventing crime so that an opportunity to harm, steal, burglarize or invade your home does not exist and your family and home remain safe and secure.


Look at your Home through the Eyes of a Burglar

In my career with law enforcement I have found that most people tend to worry about criminal activity and security during the night. Ironically, most burglaries actually occur during daylight hours while people are at work or school.

When it comes to family and home safety you can’t be too careful. There are plenty of precautionary measures that you can employ to prevent falling victim to burglaries and home invasions.

This guide will walk you through the steps to take, and break the 3rd phase of the Triangle:

    • Desire
    • Ability
    • Opportunity

both outside and inside your home. Only you can ensure your home is NOT a Target for thieves. Let’s find out how to not stand out as a Target.

Protecting Your Home From the Outside

Any intruder will have to cross through your property in order to get in to your home. So let’s begin your next steps with a walk around the outside of your home.

Vulnerable areas:

The quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.

  • Walk around the exterior of your home seeking out any weak points. See your home from the a burglars eyes. Look at your windows, sliding doors and entry/exit doors. Also, include assessing your garage door.  If you can tell that a window could be pried open, a thief will be able to come to also.
  • Take another look, again from the outside in, there maybe laptops, cell phones, computers and jewelry easily spotted through windows. If you can see them so can a burglar.
  • Keep shrubbery around entrances and walkways trimmed. The last thing you want is to make it easier for a thief to hide when attempting to break in, or attack you.
  • Use thorny bushes like: Holly, Rose bushes, cactus or any other types with stickers and sharp points to make it too painful for an unwanted guest to hide.  These should be placed around windows and access points you’ll eliminate hiding spots as an intruder will be less likely to want to get tangled up in them.
  • If you don’t have a fence, you may want to build one or repair the existing one. You can also use thorny bushes and cactus to keep strangers out.  on one side to keep out strangers.
  • Cover or put away expensive items like grills, lawn chairs, lock car doors and bikes in the garage.  They are easy targets for thieves.
  • Use curtains and blinds on any windows for added privacy and protection.
  • Join your neighborhood watch group. Get to know your neighbors. They are an extra pair of eyes while paying by your home, and when your not there.
  • Many police investigations have been solved by comparing notes, witnesses and home security video footage identifying criminals.
  • Install motion sensor lighting around your home, especially at entrances. Shine a spotlight on a potential intruder before he can even touch your doors or windows by adding extra lighting with motion detectors at entrances and especially dark corners of your home.
  • Prune trees around your home.  A determined crook may scale a tree and break into an upstairs window. Keep your grass trimmed and free from debris. It gives criminals no place to hide, easier to see and, it will look nice.
  • Make sure your address numerical can be easily found and seen. Large and reflective Install numbers make it easy to identify for police and Emergency Services should you need them.

Remember, just like you may know your job better than most, so does the burglar know their job, probably better than you. If it’s about doing your job well then most burglars are pretty good at spotting vulnerabilities (weaknesses) in your home.

Don’t underestimate a burglars knowledge, skills and abilities. If they already know enough to be at your home, you can bet they know what they’re looking for – and how to get it.

Let’s take a look at how to tighten up the inside of your home now.

Protecting Your Home From the Inside.

  • Keep all doors, windows, garages closed and locked. Use deadbolts, strong window locks, and locked garage doors.
  • An open exterior window or door is an invitation for unwanted guests to access your home. Keep them closed and locked whether you’re home or not.  Burglars are skilled at spotting targets.
  • Sliding doors should have vertical bolts and a metal or wooden rod in the track to prevent being forced open or doors being lifted off the track.
  • If your car is parked in the driveway, lock it up. Thieves can open your garage door with the remote in your car. Most homeowners don’t think about how easy it is to access their home through the garage.
  • Change the locks when moving into a new place. If you’re a renter, ask the landlord to change them if it hasn’t already been done. Even if an old tenant returned all the keys originally issued, there’s no way to know for sure if there were copies made. It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to a stranger being able to walk into your locked home.
  • Secure valuables in a home safe or lockbox. If it is small and not mounted, bolt it to the floor as many burglars will carry it away.  Give your passcode or combination only to a trusted loved one in case of emergency. Don’t leave it posted anywhere in your house easily accessible to an intruder.
  • Don’t label your personal keys or hide spares outside.  Instead, leave a spare with a trusted neighbor. If you live in a rural area and your closest neighbor is miles down the road, use a combination lockbox in a discreet area of your property.
  • Add privacy film to decorative glass on and around exterior doors. Although nice and decorative, they can be a security breach. Line them with privacy film to distort the view from the outside and reduce the chances of window shopping.
  • Reinforce windows with safety glass or metal bars. Make it impossible for them to break through by installing metal bars. There are plenty of decorative options for metal grilles that can make the windows and doors practical.
  • Install a home security system. Newer DIY home security systems like Ring, SimpliSafe and Lifeshield (ADT) are great assets, ensuring your safety, and notify you of any activity in your yard, or in your home.

There are countless features with security systems:  outdoor motion detectors, sensors for doors and windows, garages, outdoor alarms, and professional monitoring if you choose. Use the yard and window signage proclaiming your home is protected. Also, Inform your family about the security system to cut down on false alarms.

In Summary

How to Stop Burglars from Targeting your HomeIt would be a safe statement to say, crime will continue to be present in the foreseeable future. Afterall, crime has been prevalent since the beginning of mankind. But you don’t have to live your life in fear.

By changing just one habit in your life, cultivating the Habit of Prevention, you will have effectively removed one of the three elements necessary for a crime to occur.

You should use these simple measures as a guide on How to Stop Burglars from Targeting your Home.  Ward 0ff  intruders by changing one habit and burglars won’t see your home as a target.

This guide has been compiled to be used as a list to help you become less of a target in the eyes of criminals and Intruders. It is by no means, all inclusive. Any other safety measures you can think of, or add would be welcome and further reinforce the use of this guide and your safety.

When you combine and act on this list of outside and inside protection measures, you will not stand out as a target. You will have made a home with safeguards in place to protect your family and property. “Would-be” burglars and Intruders will steer clear and leave you alone.

Any thoughts, additional practices, or measures would be helpful to add on to our guide. It’s always a work in progress and continuously updating. Please feel free to share below in the comments section. I would be happy to highlight and recognize your contributions.


  1. Fatchola says:

    Thank you for the post. Very helpful !

    I didn’t know about the CRIME PREVENTION TRIANGLE, now from the insight given by your post, I know what I can do to stop these Burglars…

    I’m in a very critical zone about this situation and many people have been victims. By cleaning all opportunities i thought, I can live safely…

    Thank you once more and good Job !

  2. Lisa Waa says:

    Thank you for posting such an informative piece, I was unaware of the crime prevention triangle as well, it does make a lot of sense. The tip about thorny shrubs is great, all of the information you share here I would have never thought of but as I was reading It all makes sense. I will be checking out more of your posts for more valuable information.

    Thank You and Best Wishes
    Lisa Waa

    • Brian says:

      Thanks Lisa. Glad you the article. No one, even burglars like to get caught up in thorns. Sometimes, just good ol’ fashioned tactics work best. Thanks for your comment.

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