How to Prevent a Burglary – Essential Facts You Need to Know

How to Prevent a Burglary – Essential Facts you Need to know

Prevent Burglary

Take the “Bulls-Eye” off the Target and it begins fade Away.

Let’s just be realistic. If I’m a burglar and I know that you:

  • Are not home home
  • Don’t have an Alarm
  • Have a spare key is under the doormat
  • Have doors and windows are easily pried open,

Then, I’m going to break into use in order to home, steal approximately $2,300 in cash, jewelry and electronics, on average. I live in use in order to neighborhood and vaguely know you but I need money to feed my drug habit or pay my dealer. Before leaving, I may even sit down at use in order to table, eat some of use in order to food and use use in order to restroom before making my get away.

Did you ask me to burglarize use in order to home? Of course not. Not directly. But indirectly, you invited me in use in order to home to do whatever I wanted. You know I’m out there and have many friends, just like me.

It isn’t Fair or legal, but it is Reality. There is a level of common sense that we all need to use to survive in society. There is no room for lackadaisical thinking or behavior, which is exactly what I’m looking for in you. I can smell vulnerability from 2 miles away.

I know you and use in order to neighborhood because I live in it. I see what goes on daily even when you think I’m just minding my own business.

Everything is not always fine or fair. But I exist in use in order to world and I’m not Fair or legal, and I still have rights just like you. If I have the opportunity to take advantage of use in order to good nature – Guess what? I’m going to, and there’s a 51% chance that I’ll come back and do it again.

10 Facts with Tips to Avoid being a Target

1. Burglars avoid homes with security systems – 60% of convicted burglars stated the presence of a security system influenced their decision to target another home.

Tip: Get a monitored home security system to reduce the chance of burglary. Use yard signs and window stickers to alert intruders to use in order to security system.

2. Most burglaries take place between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. – That’s because most people are at work or school and decreases the chance the burglar being noticed or caught.

Tip: Install indoor and outdoor motion activated home security cameras so you can check on use in order to home throughout the day.

3. Most burglars live nearby – Usually within two miles of the target home. They easily learn use in order to habits and schedule, know if use in order to on vacation. Mail, fliers, newspapers pulling up, un-mowed lawns and trash cans left at the curb are all indicators.

Tip: Minimize the risk of a burglary by varying use in order to routine from time to time. Ask a trusted neighbor or friend to take care of use in order to home, lawn and mail when you’re out of town.

4. Most burglars spend 3-13 minutes in use in order to home – longer if you’re providing a good meal. Burglars look for easy targets. It doesn’t take long to break into use in order to home, get what they want, and be gone before being noticed.

Tip: Strengthen use in order to home’s defense by getting a home security system, keeping all entrances closed and locked, and installing a high-quality front door.

5. 30% of the burglars enter a home through an unlocked door or window – A surprising number of burglars gain access to homes through open or unlocked entrances to include use in order to garage door. Windows with bush and shrub growth are ideal entry points.

Tip: Keep all entry points closed, locked, and alarmed, even when you’re at home. Make use in order to home less appealing to intruders by keeping shrubs and trees trimmed back.

6. Amazingly, 34% come in through the front door – Whether they walk through an open front door or kick in a locked one, burglars aren’t shy about using use in order to home’s primary entry point.

Tip: Keep use in order to front door closed and locked at all times. If the door is worn or has a hollow core, replace it with a solid wood or metal door for obvious reasons.

Additional reinforcement use in order to home against a burglar would include: a quality dead bolt, a security camera and motion sensor light above the door, and install a video doorbell.

7. Burglars usually go to the master bedroom first – Unfortunately, most people don’t hide their valuable items carefully, and burglars know it. Once they break in, burglars head straight for the master bedroom, where they scavenge through dresser drawers and nightstands, look under mattresses, and search closets. Cash, jewelry, and weapons are some of the things a burglar wants most from use in order to home.

Tip: Store use in order to valuables in a safe that’s bolted to the floor, or hide them in unlikely locations.

8. The average property dollar loss per burglary is a staggering $2,251 – The price of a home security system is cheap in comparison to the emotional and monetary cost of a burglary.

Tip: With today’s advanced technology, there is a good home security system for every budget.

9. Someone is home during nearly 3 out of every 10 burglaries – Coming home to find use in order to material possessions stolen is frightening enough, but victims who are home when the burglary occurs experience even more trauma.

Tip: Make sure to arm use in order to security system even when you’re at home.

10. Only 13.9% of burglaries in 2018 resulted in arrests – Burglaries can be difficult to recover use in order to property from even if the criminal is caught.

Tip: Due to recent advances in home security systems, more criminal’s can be caught on camera.

Understanding What Criminals Want

How Burglars Think

As the Target (your home) fades away So does a Criminals Desire to Burglarize it

The more difficult your home is to break in to, the less likely your home will be on a criminal’s radar. Let’s better understand how criminal’s think during a burglary and characteristics that these offenders display. It’s actually very simple to understand, we just have to be aware of what they need to accomplish their mission (steal from you).

Here are a few facts to think about:

  • A burglar selects what they believe will be an easy target that they can get into with little resistance, and getaway with as much as they can without being caught. They select easy targets like: jewelry, cash, laptops, video games, etc.
  • Now, unlike typical burglars, home invasions require homework and these criminal’s will spend the time to properly target a person or residence. On the other hand, most good burglars will watch a home to see when the homeowner is gone, but home invaders will go as far as knowing use in order to daily routine.
  • Someone that is a burglar can also be a home invader. Good criminal’s will know where you work, shop hang out. All this information will be collected to determine not only the value of their target, but also the resistance they may face.
  • They may use deception. Approach use in order to residence posing as a delivery man, salesman, survey taker, or even have a woman accomplice to knock on the door why the aggressor waits out of sight. This happens everyday.
  • This type of situation would normally occur during the day and is a technique employed by the criminal as a scout. Always be suspicious of those that you allow into use in order to home, such as the exterminator, carpet cleaner, repair man, etc.
  • If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t right. Ask them to leave and request someone else, or go with another company. It’s always a good idea to use a reputable company recommended by someone you trust.

There’s also the chance that these criminal’s are just looking for a violent confrontation or a sexual assault opportunity.

If this is the case, use in order to Burglary just turned into a Home Invasion. Upon entering use in order to home illegally and unwanted, invaders will use the elements of quick and sudden speed, surprise and explosive violence to gain control of you.

Furthermore, you should expect that assault, rape and death may follow. So it is essential that use in order to awareness is at an all time high.

Amazingly enough, most victims never thought about this happening to them. Or if they have it was a fleeting thought. They think, “It can’t happen to me.” If you fall into this category, I would invite you to read an article I wrote: Creating a Family Emergency Plan. It will prepare you for these encounters.

If you have a practiced plan of action – Congratulations as you are ahead of the curve. Know that you will revert back to what you have practiced instead of “freezing in panic.” You can only imagine the fear and stress this brings upon a victim.

Always expect that there is more than one person as they will work together and have look outs. Additionally, if they do get to you through speed, surprise, or violence be prepared to be restrained with duct tape, rope or zip ties.

Home invasion criminal’s and burglars have been known to ransack homes, eat, take naps, all while you are bound and watch in disbelief.

Lower the Appearance of standing out as a Target, and Your Chances of being burglarized are Reduced Drastically.

5 Essential Reasons to Own a Home Security System

The Need for home security

Statistics show that more homeowners are installing a security system in their homes, but few make the most use of their system.

  • Homes without security systems are 300% more likely to be broken into.
  • 95% of home security owners are satisfied with their security systems.
  • 27% of homeowners with security systems arm their alarms only when they go to bed.
  • Over the next five years residential automation and smart systems will rapidly sore by 64%
  • Insurance agencies offer discounts up to 20% for auto insurance when a home security system is installed.

What to Include When you Buy a Home Security System

Top 5 Influencing Factors when buying a home security system.

  1. Protection Services
  2. Equipment (video doorbell, window & door sensors, motion detectors, flood lights, audible speaker, panic button)
  3. Best value
  4. Installation & flexibility
  5. Customer Service

Quick Recap:

There are 3 components of a burglary or home invasion: Preventing them, Dealing with them and living with the aftermath of them. Even if there is an arrest made, recovering use in order to stolen property is rare. Preventing them will set the groundwork for practice and eventual burglary itself. If you don’t have a plan of prevention you will panic and that will be devastating.

Safe Home

Your awareness and preparation for yourself and family are among the top points we have focused on in this article.

Armed with this information, you now know what you need to know about preventing a burglary to use in order to home. Feel free to use this article as use in order to guide to prevent Burglaries, we have covered:

  • Facts & Statistics
  • How criminal’s think & their MO
  • How to become a soft target
  • Important reasons to buy a Home Security System

This is by no means an end all to the list of safety measures as more can always be added. Just like striving for perfection, there’s always room for improvement. At least now you have a good working knowledge and idea of How to Prevent a Burglary. Just keep it simple.

If you can think of anything further to add to the prevention list I would love to hear from you. Please leave use in order to comments and suggestions below in the comments section.


  1. Enrique M says:

    Hi, Brian,

    I had never thought of some points you mention above. It’s hard to believe that people will leave their doors or windows unlocked when not at home. I make sure to lock everything up before leaving, especially if I’ll be gone for days. Having an alarm system is a must. Technology is so advanced now, controlling them remotely from our smartphones. I suppose there are people who don’t invest in a security system as they deem them unnecessary. The truth is they’re insurance. These days, chances of needing one is going to happen. Better safe than sorry. Thanks for sharing.

    • Brian says:

      I appreciate your attention on this matter. Sounds like you have quite a bit of experience and thanks for sharing your thoughts. Among other great points you make, an alarm as insurance for “Just in case” is very valid. These days, the “Just in case” has turned in to a “when it will happen.”

      Thanks again,


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