How to Avoid a Home Invasion – Will change the way you think

How to Avoid a Home Invasion – Will change the way you thinkHow to Avoid a Home Invasion - Will change the way you think

Although home invasions are somewhat less prevalent than other violent felony criminal acts, the wreckage left behind for their victims lives,  traumatizing psychological damage and life long suffering,  makes them the most feared.  How to Avoid a Home Invasion – will change the way you think.

The lesson to be learned in this article is that the preventative measures and steps you take today will determine how attractive a target your home will be to an intruder.

Victims of home invasions experience the emotional distress of “personal victimization” and come to fear that they are no longer safe in their own homes.  A once “safe environment” has now become the root of disaster and affects them, in many cases, for the remainder of their lives–like PTSD.

Research reveals that victims of home invasions are left feeling fearful, angry, and violated. In more extreme cases, the victims may display symptoms of shock or panic. Victims are often left feeling unsafe in the very place they should feel most safe.

Home Invasions can typically include: beatings, torture, sexual assault, rape and murder. If you have not experienced one, imagine how that can disrupt the personal emotions of one that has survived. Although there is no way to guarantee safety during a home invasion, there are many methods of prevention that will greatly reduce it from happening to you.

What is a Home Invasion?

It is an illegal and usually forceful entry to an occupied, private dwelling with intent to commit a violent crime against the occupants, such as robbery, assault, rape, murder, or kidnapping. Home invasions differ from burglaries in that its perpetrators have a violent intent apart from the unlawful entry itself.

A criminal may have the intent to break in to your home and steal something of value. Yet, once inside–finds you and your family there, and that’s when your world changes. Anything can happen at that point. Once again, you cannot know how the criminal will react to finding you home. That also changes their plan too. They may run away or much worse as described above.

You would have to be a mind reader to know what a surprised perpetrator would do. Plan B and C can only get worse for the victim. Included under the act of home invasions are robbery, rape and murder. Each has their own warning signs and prevention methods. It is our job (homeowner) to minimize the risk of any type of entry into your home through prevention.


Did You or a family member unknowingly invite the Intruder in?

Step 1 - Family Emergency Plan

Spencer Blue from the Lucky Gunner puts it best. Home invasions are more likely to be targeted rather than random. Quite often, the suspect knows the victim. The most common type of home invasion is the targeted robbery.

Most often due to criminal activity by the victim, like dealing narcotics, “debt collection” by narcotics dealers, or allowing prostitutes into the home who act as scouts for robbery crews.

When there is no criminal act on the victim’s part, targeted robberies are often perpetrated by former domestic partners (either in person or by proxy) and family members with addiction issues.

Occasionally, the “friend of a friend” scenario occurs, where one of your associates has talked about your gun collection (or jewelry, electronics, etc.) and the wrong ear overhears it. In all these scenarios, the suspects have gained knowledge of valuables in the home and believe the defenses of the home are soft (weak).

As you can see there are many instances during our day to day lives that we give away valuable information and invite criminals into our homes unknowingly.  Due to our own activities, desires to brag or want to show off can leave our homes, loved ones and ourselves at grave risk.

Random Home Invasions

Many of the random, non-targeted home invasions start as burglaries where the suspect does not believe anyone is home. Some burglars are armed and prepared in case they find someone at home, but they are often just as surprised by the victim as the victim is by them. Be prepared for them to fight or to flee.

These kinds of home invasions frequently come with precursors and they can often be avoided if you know what kind of behavior to look out for.

In one common tactic, the suspect will knock on the door to see if anyone will answer. If you do answer, they will explain their presence by asking for directions, posing as a solicitor, or they may pretend to be looking for someone else. If you answer the door, they say that they are sorry and must have the wrong address.

Trust the warning signals going off in your head. When someone comes to the door you don’t have to answer. If you are suspicious you can talk through the door, letting them know you can’t answer as you are taking care of your spouse.

This indicates not only that someone is home, but that there is more than one person there and they’ll usually move on. Although the goal is a burglary, if someone is home unexpectedly, it can turn into a home invasion very easily and quickly.

9 Ways to Minimize Intruder Appeal

There are many things you can do to make your home less appealing to criminals. The idea is to prevent your home from appearing to be an “easy target” with the probability of “high Reward” to the would be home invader. Let’s face it, a home is broken in to every 23 seconds in the United States and they are successful too.

If you want to know the best way to fight back then learn to think like them. It really isn’t rocket science to make your home less attractive to criminals.

How to Make your Home Less Appealing to a Criminal:

1. Get a Security System – A monitored security system with visible signage is both a huge deterrent. Use a video doorbell at the front door, it will notify you when someone comes into the monitored zone. A video doorbell coupled with interior motion door and window sensors alert you and start recording video and call for help immediately. You can even watch from the app on your smart phone. Also, Homes with visible signage for alarms tend to be left alone as they move on to easier targets in the neighborhood.

2. Man’s Best Friend – Get a Dog. Yes, man’s best friend will alert you to strangers and deter criminals.

3. Lights – Both Interior and Exterior. Motion sensor flood lights outside can be a powerful deterrent with a surprise effect to the intruder. Exterior lighting, particularly around entrances, can be a powerful deterrent. Both constant-on and motion-activated lights are effective.

Interior lights on timer coupled with motion activated video, door and window sensors once again alert you and call for help. The intruder will be less likely to pick your home because they can’t be sure you are not there.

4. Reinforced Doors & Windows – Reinforced door jambs and/or security doors are a good deterrent as well as reinforced windows with modern films. Unsightly burglar bars aren’t the only option. Anything that slows the intruder down and makes more noise is good.

5. Keep your Shrubs trimmed – Not only will your yard look better and more clean but it gives no shield for an intruder to hide or sneak up without being seen.

6. Close the blinds – Thieves can’t see in your windows or see what’s going on in your home if your blinds are closed. But they’ll see your light on.

7. Hide Valuables in unexpected locations – Don’t leave valuables where intruders can find them easily. Pick up your home, put valuables away. Thieves know where most people keep their wallets, jewelry, laptops, etc. Put them in places that are not well thought about.

8. Pay Attention – Be alert in your neighborhood and notify law enforcement of suspicious activity. Nosy neighbors and active police presence will help push scouts out of the area.

9. Be careful who you allow in your home – Remember, your home is for you and your family. Your sanctuary. Don’t just allow anyone or neighbor to come in. If you do invite someone in, stay with them. Keep them in a location where they can’t roam around.

The Take Away

What I want you to take away from this article is an awareness. You cannot predict what an intruder is going to do if they find you and your family inside when they break in. However, you can make your home much less appealing by being aware that these crimes can and most likely will happen to you.

Not only do they happen but there are potentially deadly consequences. The police don’t usually show up until after the fact.  So you do have to do your best to not stand out as a target. How to Avoid a Home Invasion – will change the way you think, because all you can do is plan and prevent.

This means that you need to have a plan for when it does happen.  The 9 examples above are nothing more than common sense and taking an active interest in the protection of your home and family.

Step 1: Put a Safety Plan together for the members of your family of what to do, where to go to meet up together should you end up facing a targeted intrusion that have become all to common these days.

Step 2: Couple your Safety Plan together with a home security system, and include the 9 examples above. This will protect you and your families.

Click here to continue on to Step 2

Please leave any comments or ask questions below.

Stay tuned for the next article about what to do when you are confronted by an intruder


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  2. Timotheus says:

    I had no idea what is a home invasion until I stumbled upon your article. It’s very helpful and filled with good and useful information.

    Especially the information about how to make our homes less appealing to a criminal. So many good tips.

    I travel a lot. And your tips will help me think about how to make my home less appealing to a criminal when I travel.

    Would you have any additional tips for people like me who travel a lot? Or do you have an article that can help?

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      Thank you, glad you got liked the article. Very important subject that people are just beginning to discover.

      I’m glad you asked that question. I will share an early tip that will make a big difference while you’re away. Simply, leave a radio on in the house while your gone. It’s a huge deal breaker for burglars as they don’t expect anyone will be home. More tips coming next week.


  3. The owner of the house determines the organization of the home security system himself. Some do without these systems. But your arguments make you think

  4. Your examples make you think about installing a home security system. The right choice of artist and rational placement is the first thing to do.

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