Home Invasions: 3 Actions to Take to Protect Your Family & Home

Home Invasions: 3 Actions to Take to Protect Your Family & Home

Home Invasions: 3 Actions to Take to Protect Your Family & Home

How to Prepare for a Home Invasion. The Answer to this question has become the single most sought after…Is there an Answer?

There is. Let’s take a look…


Let’s Get Right to the Heart of the Matter

As we dive into this subject we will be covering 3 concepts (listed below) and 3 methods or actions you must take in order to maintain the safety and security of all three of the most important things in your life.

  • Home
  • Family
  • Protection of both


A Man’s Home is His Castle

“A Mans Home is his Castle” is a phrase used throughout history with many in depth meanings and 4th Amendment Rights attached to it. The meaning has been the root of many Supreme Court cases. Yet, in short, the meaning is


“People can enjoy being in the position of rulers in their own homes, and others have no right to enter without the householder’s permission.”


The phrase, “A Man’s Home is his Castle” is also reflected in the Bill of Rights:

“The right of the people to be secure in their … houses … against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated.”


For Most People, Family is Your Most Important Responsibility and Who you Love and Protect the Most

Although the definition of “family” has changed over the years and has a lot of controversy in its meaning. In today’s world the term “family” has come to be defined as, “a close-knit unit of individuals joined together without distinction to race/ethnicity, biology, sexual orientation, age, generation, or presence in households, cemented through one common characteristic: love.”

Family, in and of itself, is/are the one’s that know you the best, are the most important to you, and the one’s you’ll more than likely spend your life with and do anything for.


What do you get when you combine your most Important asset (home) together with your most loved and treasured responsibility (Family)?Home Invasions: 3 Actions to Take to Protect Your Family & Home

    • Right! An Enormously Huge box of Emotional Responsibility. The type of responsibility that is unmatched to any other category in your life.
    • We will literally do anything to protect our homes and family. The protection of one home and family has been weighted as the most heavily exacerbated conscious exertion of power since the beginning of time.
    • Ask yourself, what would you do to protect your home and family? So that we keep this article in context let’s take a look at five tools that are available for you to do just that–legally

There are 5 Easy Tools that will Prepare you for a Home Invasion?

Call the Police (911) Calling the police or Emergency 911 is a safe method to help protect your home and family.  It would be nice if the police were able to get to your home, catch the bad guys, all while they are still there.  Rarely is this the case this and if this could be done in a safe manner so no one gets hurt in the process, that would be ideal.

Let’s face it though. No matter how good the perfect scenario we think it is, the police are rarely in a position to be there during the exact time that your home is being invaded and family members are being threatened. With this in mind, the police end up having to facilitate medical assistance, calm everyone down, get eye witness statements, forensics and follow up through an investigation.


Get a Dog: Dogs are a huge deterrent and most criminals don’t want to have anything to do with them. Especially a big intimidating dog. No question about this one.

Dogs are a great deterrent and usually alert you to the fact that there is an unwanted guest. Their barking and growling often times alerts the neighbors as well. Dogs are a great preventive measure.


Keep a Gun Available: That sounds like a great idea and in a lot of states may even be legal. However, I recall several instances during my career in law enforcement where the victims got shot with their own guns, had them taken away, or shot a family member mistakenly using their gun.

So, unless you and your family are trained properly and know how to use a gun it may cause more trouble and aggravation then you bargained for.


Get Connected with a Home Security System: A home security system is one of the best tools that you can get. Even the average burglar will steal $2,000+ from your home within 2 minutes of entering your home, and be gone!

When you can install a good wireless home security system that notifies you with immediate audio and visual from the app on your phone as someone steps into your property, it seems like a win for You. You just saved $1,500 by investing in an alarm.

But we’re talking about Home Invasions here. If you spend only $500 on a good wireless home security system, you just saved $1,500 + the value you place on the safety of your family. Can you afford one now?

You’ll also get a discount on your home insurance and save you and your family’s life. In addition, your home security system will notify the police and increase the chances of actually catching the criminal(s). One of the best preventative measures you can have.


A Plan of Action: I have termed this one “A Safety Action Plan.” This is a plan of what to do when you and your loved ones are faced with a dangerous situation, burglary or home Invasion.

This plan gives each person something to do that gets the family closer to safety and out of danger.


Rather than freeze in hysteria and panic, a family plan of action becomes second nature when sufficiently practiced for when a disaster strikes.

Each person knows what to do whether to hide, meet in a panic room or safe area, roll under the bed and out the window to the neighbors house and call got help.

As opposed to panicking and becoming the victim your able to take a proactive stance and get out of danger. A great preventative measure.


During Home Invasions there are 3 Actions You Need to Take to Protect Your Family & Home

3 things to know about home invasions

Home Invasions are an everyday common occurrence in this day and age. So let’s start getting ourselves used to this fact. Armed with this information, it would be a real good idea to take this seriously, understand and ACKNOWLEDGE this fact.

Take a look above at the five tools that are available for you to combat this new “revelation” so that you aren’t surprised when it happens to you. Be prepared and take action. So come to grips with this fact, embrace it and prepare for it.


Here are the 3 Actions you must Take to Prepare for a Home Invasion

1.)  Acknowledge that it can happen to you

Acknowledging that a Home Invasion can and very possibly will happen to you is the first step in being prepared. If you don’t really take it seriously then you will fall prey to those who can and will prey upon you.

Mark my words this lack of understanding will take your home and family apart. So be serious about it. There is plenty of references to this effect online, in books and magazines, Youtube videos, etc.  Just type it in to google and see what comes up.

If you first acknowledge that is more than possible to happen in your family and life then you can be serious about making a plan of action and backing it up with home security system.


2.)  Have a plan and practice

Just like there are plans for emergency preparedness for natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes, you should have a family plan of action that includes a code word and actions for each to take during an invasive crime into your home.

This should include what to do, where to go and how you’re all going to meet up and call the authorities.  If you practice this plan it will become second nature to you and your loved ones.

They are less likely to panic and will revert immediately to what they have practice.  This will save their lives.


3.)  Invest in a Home Security System

Their are many home security systems now in the market. The ever growing and most popular wireless systems work very well. They will notify you via your cell phone app when someone steps on to your property, begin recording and stream it live with audio and visual. You’ll be able to call authorities, the alarm will found off and scare most would be criminals off.

In addition, they integrate well in to Smart Home Technology so you can run and monitor all your major appliances through your cell phone app.

The home security and smart home business is at present, a staggering $65 billion market and will double within 9 years. Folks, they are here to stay and help you. Now is the time.

So then the Answer to this most sought after question is inevitable

In order to effectively deal with a life threatening situation such as a Home Invasion 90% of it is being prepared. The other 10% is putting into action what you’ve prepared for.

Acknowledge that it can happen to you, practice a plan of action with your family and invest in a home security system. This will go far in protecting your most valuable assets, your family and your home. Keep safe.

Now that You Know what You didn’t Know

There is no reason to waste time my friends.  As you can see, you can choose to be prepared or choose not to.  I believe you will make the right choice and protect your family and home.

Now take some time with your family, institute a plan of action and invest in a home security system.  I recommend one of the Ring Video Doorbell systems along with a couple of others that you can see in my Amazon picks on the top right of this page.  Don’t delay, your future relies on you taking action.


Thanks for continued support and following my articles here.   As always, feel free to ask any questions and leave comments. I will respond I promise.

Warmest Regards to you and your families,



  1. Megannnn says:

    This is a great Post Brian! lots of helpful ideas. When you put it that way a home security system seems worth it!

  2. Hi Brian, thank you for this thoughtful article on home invasion. I certainly haven’t thought about it as much as I should. You make some very good points about how to be more prepared for one, especially by simply acknowledging that it can happen to anyone. Accepting that fact is the first step towards preparedness. A security system would be my next logical step!

    • Brian says:

      Thanks for reading. I’m so glad you got something if value from the article. I’m hoping to cause a real awareness for people and your right, acknowledgement is necessary.

  3. Great post Brian,

    I am an ex cop from Melbourne Australia and can relate totally to your ideas and actions to take. We have a real Sudanese gang problem in Australia at the moment predominantly in Melbourne and Sydney. These gangs are very brazen and doing their break ins during the day is no big deal to them. having a plan of action is certainly a must.

    Really enjoyed the article and wish you all the best,


    • Brian says:

      Thanks Kev, I’m glad you can relate. I acquired my 2-Step process in law enforcement myself. We can all take more preventive measures as home invasions here are an everyday occurance.

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