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DIY Home Security Systems Review

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Product: SimpliSafe

Price: $265.00 + Free Shipping

9 Piece Home Security System

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars – Highly Recommended

DIY Home Security Systems Reviews of SimpliSafe

The name SimpliSafe is complicit with and ideal for the DIY home security system crowd. It’s easy to setup and be protected inside of an hour and you have options from five five security systems.  There are also à la carte options, and include emergency monitoring for as low as $14.99/month — it’s simple, safe, and affordable. See for yourself the SimpliSafe value…

  • Low Monthly Rates
  • Easy DIY Installation
  • Award-Winning Monitoring
  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • Wireless Equipment
  • Cellular Alerts
  • Environmental Disaster Protection
  • Indoor Video Security
  • Alarm Works Without Monitoring
  • 60-Day Equipment Trial
  • Proprietary Equipment – manufacture there own equipment
  • Equipment Expense Up-Front
  • No Video Doorbell

Getting to Know SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe sells and monitors DIY wireless home security equipment. From shopping online to setting up at home and picking the level of monitoring you want, this is meant to be super easy and perfect for those who want a to keep their home secure without the hassle of professional installation, long-term contracts, and complicated gadgets. Monitoring starts at $14.99/month.

Today, the company has afforded residents the ability to monitor their homes remotely and have the option to self it themselves. SimpliSafe makes there own all their own equipment.  A base station and entry sensors, motion detectors, high-decibel alarms, glass break sensors, smoke detectors, panic buttons, and an indoor surveillance camera are all part of the equipment they make and sell. Unlike many other DIY alarm systems, those by SimpliSafe will guard your home even when your power is down for days, thanks to backup batteries.

Using a cell chip or landline connection, a SimpliSafe system can alert operators at 911 and emergency services monitoring. This award-winning agency has multiple locations that can field each other’s calls as backup in case of natural disasters and other widespread emergencies.  You will also see SimpliSafe listed with JD Powers top 5 DIY home security systems for 2019

With SimpliSafe you do have to buy the equipment upfront yet the the equipment costs are lower than market average, so you end up with a real bargain.

Monitoring, Packages & Customization

One of the main appeals of SimpliSafe is that you can build your own, or customize your system with sensors that fit in your space. Otherwise, you can choose from one of multiple tiers of equipment packages.  If you start with the mandatory base station and keypad, you’re starting at $185 and building up from there.

The packages are all reasonable. Even the highest-end, the Fortress, comes in under $500, and gets you 14 hardware components.

Additional Equipment

  • Additional equipment for SimpliSafe is reasonably priced compared to its competitors, partly because there’s no middleman markup. Entry sensors cost $14.99, motion sensors $29.99 and glass break sensors $34.99. Panic buttons cost just $19.99 each.
  • SimpliSafe offers 2 monitoring options—its Standard plan, which is $14.99 a month and gives you a very basic 24/7 alarm monitoring system over a cellular network, and its Interactive plan, which is $24.99 a month and gives you added system control like SMS notifications, remote control, private files, and special alerts.
  • Technically, you have a third option, too: no monthly monitoring. That’s right, with SimpliSafe you can actually get the equipment and do the ever rising popular of self monitoring.

SimpliSafe Features

Check out SimpliSafe’s security and environmental monitoring. Here are some highlights:

  • Award-Winning Monitoring
    SimpliSafe’s emergency monitoring is optional. It’s provided by C.O.P.S. Monitoring, which has earned the “Best Monitoring in the Industry” award from the Central Station Alarm Association. They use multiple stations and multiple signal carriers to help ensure fast dispatching.
  • Video Security:  SimpliCam is an indoor security camera with a motion sensor and night vision. Video is HD and captures a wide-angle view (120°). You can view clips online and send them to police if needed, but you’ll have to buy this gadget separately.
  • Key chain Remote:  Sized to fit a key chain, the SimpliSafe remote controller lets you arm/disarm your security system with the push of a button. It also has a panic button to instantly call for emergency help.
  • Entry Sensor:  SimpliSafe entry sensors can stick to doors and windows with removable adhesive. An entry sensor can trigger an audible or silent alert.
  • Glass Break Sensor:  SimpliSafe glass break sensors detect the audio waves of breaking glass. They bring an extra layer of protection in case criminals bypass normal entryways. Glass break alerts can also speed up a police response.
  • Environmental Protection:  SimpliSafe can help prevent or minimize environmental damage to your home. The hub can monitor smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, freeze sensors and water leak sensors.
  • A few extra perks are worth mentioning. First, if your alarm is tripped, a SimpliSafe rep will call your phone and ask if everything’s OK. You’ll have to provide a safe word, kind of like a vocal PIN, and if you can’t give it, the authorities will be on their way. This is an added layer of protection you don’t always see.
  • You can also specify which sensors are going to sound an alarm instantly and which will trigger a delay. This is something you can fine-tune as you go, in case you’re finding certain sensitivities. You can even set secret alerts, so you can get, say, an SMS alert when a sensor you’ve hid inside your liquor cabinet lets you know your teen has found it.
  • The app, while not as packed with the features you can find in Nest’s, does offer the key essentials. You can control the system, monitor all your devices remotely, and add extra PINs for other members of the family.
  • The motion sensors also have a neat feature—they can detect the unique heat signature of humans so that a pet doesn’t set it off.
  • SimpliSafe’s base station does come with a fairly bright light around its base, so it’s worth plotting out exactly where you want to store it.
  • You can integrate with Alexa, Google Home and Nest, so you can talk to your system in some capacity.


After you’ve ordered your package (equipment) online, the setup is a snap.  In less than an hour you’ll be up and running.  Simply place the base station in a central part of your home within 400 feet of your sensors and 100 feet of your keypad(s), and plug in the power cord.

Is it Easy to Use?

SimpliSafe is one of the easiest systems on the market to use. Its sensors keep in constant contact with the base station, which in turn sends signals wirelessly to your phone (or authorities). This is different than many systems, which run through the keypad, putting the keypad at risk of being one of the first objects smashed by an intruder. So, in this case, smashing the keypad doesn’t hurt the system or communications at all.

SimpliSafe is so simple, in fact, that there’s few integrations with 3rd-party smart devices like locks, video doorbells, lights, and cameras. This is a deal-breaker for some, but the company insists the move is intentional. The system is, after all, supposed to simple and easy to use, so while integration into other platforms is on their radar, it’s not really being seriously explored. And the company has promised new equipment soon, including a video doorbell, smart lock, and outdoor camera.

It’s worth noting that you can hook a Nest Thermostat into the system and use alarm modes to control house temps. I.e., if you leave the house, your system can automatically go into “alarm” mode, which can in turn increase or decrease your house temp for greater efficiency. And you can ask Amazon’s Alexa to arm your system or check its status using Echo devices. This is a newer feature that doesn’t work on older SimpliSafe tech.

Stacking Up the Value

SimpliSafe makes it super easy to customize home security with add-on’s. You can choose parts individually and as value sets. And the value sets have different combinations of a base station, wireless keypad, sensors and other equipment.  Even though there’s no contract involved, your SimpliSafe security equipment will be under warranty for 3 years.

If you decide to spend an extra $10 a month you can add the Interactive plan, which enables customization and controlling your system from anywhere.

The Goods

SimpliSafe builds its own security equipment to help keep costs low. 

Packages Also Include:

  • A Push button Control Panel
  • A Key chain Remote Control

Video Surveillance

  • SimpliCam Indoor Video Camera


  • Door Entry Sensor
  • Window Entry Sensor
  • Glass Break Sensor
  • Motion Detector
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Smoke Detector
  • Water Leak Sensor
  • Water Freeze Sensor

SimpliSafe Delivers on It’s Word

Is still a relatively young company.  Their great success is attributed to listening to their customers needs.  Although they developed wireless security with renters in mind, homeowner popularity has grown by volumes as well.  Simplisafe is working to expand in to full home automation, and understands customers apprehension with long term contracts with hefty fees. No worries there, you have options now.

The company offers home security consumers a great security system that can be customized easily to suit your needs. You have to buy the equipment upfront, but it’s under warranty for 3 years, you own it outright, and you don’t have to pay any fees to stop using it, and it’s portable.

Summary Highlights:

  • Ready to protect right out of the box. Just plug in the base station, place your sensors, plug in your Simplicam and start protecting your home in minutes – no tools required.
  • Optional 24/7 professional monitoring and cloud recording with police, fire & medical dispatch starting at 50c/day – No contracts.
  • Sound the alarm. Pioneering signal burst technology that is powerful enough to cover homes of every size, with up to 1000 ft. range — no extender needed.
  • The SimpliCam security camera lets you see what’s happening at home anytime from your phone, tablet or computer and comes with a built-in stainless steel shutter for complete control over privacy.
  • Includes: Base Station with built-in 95dB siren, 4 Entry sensors, 2 Motion sensors, SimpliCam, Yard sign, Window security stickers and a Free month of monitoring
  • Motion sensors detect motion within 30 feet, has a 90 degree field of vision and gets along great with pets under 50 lbs. Perfect for full range coverage when placed in a corner.
  • Backups for your backups. 24 hour battery and dual WiFI & cellular connections to keep your home secure and protected from the unexpected.
  • We’ve got you covered – customize your SimpliSafe security system with additional sensors for whole home protection – up to 100!
  • Pair your SimpliSafe security system with your preferred smart home integration platform – Works with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant
  • 3 Year Warranty


I hope you have enjoyed learning more about Simplisafe.  A worthy competitor.


  1. One of my neighbors has a Simplisafe security system and love it. You seem to cover most all of what they say about theirs and more. It seems you really get your money’s worth here. I’ve been following your site for a while now and you really have a lot of good information. Thank you for sharing.

    • Brian says:

      I am glad you liked the article. A plan of what to do, backed by a home security system is really unbeatable. Simplisafe has grown in the market and kept up with trends in equipment.

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