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  • Building a Safe Room for your Existing Home

    A Safe Room in your Home gives you Options It all Starts in the Peace and Quiet of your Home The sun has set on this crisp evening in the Turner’s secluded neighborhood. Our family of four has just finished a wonderful homemade dinner. Now the two sisters are upstairs, one in her room completing…

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  • Family Safety and Home Protection

    Family Safety and Home Protection Two most Common questions The two most common questions I am asked by people are, what should they do when they discover that there home has been broken into?  And, what they should do if intruders break into their home while they are there? The good news is, people are asking questions about “what…

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  • 7 Tips to – Stop Burglars from Targeting your Home

    7 Tips to – Stop Burglars from Targeting your Home Become a Hard Target – It Begins with You Whether your home is a hard target or a soft target,  prevention and awareness becomes a decision that only you can control. A hard target is  a home that burglars would avoid breaking into out of…

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  • Step 1 – Family Emergency Plan

    Step 1 – Family Emergency Plan Your not Safe Unless You have a Plan: A household plan (SAP, Safety Action Plan) is the single most important way that you can ensure the “best outcome” for you and your family members should you be faced with a life threatening situation. It is also the first step…

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  • Without a doubt, you will be forced to make sure that your home is well protected and well-secured. This is not for the holidays only.

    by motivation coursework writing and custom Best Home Security and Automation System for the Holiday's

  • A few months ago, I started using a similar program to manage my home and therefore I can tell everyone with pleasure that it is very convenient and economical.

    by Requirements Smart Alarms for Your Home

  • Loved all the things that you shared. It's very helpful and useful for us to protect our love one's. Thanks for giving us ideas of all your articles that you are written. I'm looking forward to read more of your upcoming articles. God bless you.

    by Jhen Feliciano Building a Safe Room for your Existing Home