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Tis The Season

Holiday Season, that is…and, the the deals just keep rolling through.  Don’t worry if you weren’t able to top off your mantle’s from Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales.  The Christmas and Holiday’s end of the year sales specials leave plenty of time to top off your half filled stockings with the best of the best sales yet. We are still looking for the best home security and automation system for the holiday’s – remember?

Speaking of which, if you have read my previous articles, you know how important Family Safety and Home Security are too me and you. Just in case you haven’t you can bring yourself up to speed here: Discovering the right Family Emergency Plan.

Although an Emergency Plan of Action is of utmost importance, don’t forget, we are in the midst of Lightning Speed Technology hitting viral heights in home security systems and automation, to reinforce total home safety and security for your family.

Again, reading my previous Articles, you’ll find:

  1. Family Emergency Plan
  2. Sufficient Home Security System

Home Security Systems are a great “watch dog,” and alert you as motion cameras and flood lights are set off by intruders entering in to their path.  Your home security system operates as a companion to your Family Plan, and serves as advance warning notification for your family before the intruder can reach your doorstep.

7 Life Savers Needed to Complete Your Home Security System

  1. Flood lights with motion sensors:  for outside shadowed areas and hard to see places
  2. Video Doorbell System: View and record with two-way audible upon triggered parameters
  3. Door & Window Sensors: notifies you when contact is broken
  4. Indoor Motion Sensors: for areas inside that you want to monitor
  5. Audible Siren: scares away intruders, notifies you, neighbors and police
  6. Panic Button:  Should there be an emergency and no time to call police
  7. Control Panel: Sets up and monitors system


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Porch Pirates Beware

Over the summer, I had a pool party.  Guests arrived, mingled, swam, ate, laughed and had a great time.  It was just a peaceful and fun gathering.  As the sun was beginning to go down we were bombarded with gnats out of nowhere. Swarms of gnats everywhere and what an annoyance they became. So, we finished up inside.

The point being, what you don’t see coming, can really be surprising. If you could monitor your home while sleeping or away, you’ll see Gnats swarming around your home and door.  So, now I challenge you to run an experiment.  Get a video doorbell, they don’t cost much.  Set it up (15 minutes) and keep the app on monitor.  What do you think you’re going to see?  That’s right.  gnats–everywhere: UPS, Fed X, Mail, Sales People, Realtors, Inspectors, Vagrants, Burglars, Gnats!  If you don’t believe me, prove me wrong.

Holiday Joke you can’t miss Here’s an easy one.  What do you call, a criminal that steals a package from a porch?  You guessed it.  A Porch Pirate.

Porch Pirates

Consumer Reports says this is a fairly new and unpleasant holiday tradition, “porch pirates” stealing millions of packages from doorsteps. So, video doorbells and other smart home products can offer you peace of mind.  The ability to know the reality of what’s really happening outside of your doors.

“Porch Piracy” is arguably not a new tradition, yet more of a “new awareness” to something we didn’t know was a problem, at that time.  As consumers, like you and me began to buy video doorbells, we were now able to see that our packages were getting stolen right off our porches by thieves.  Remember, we used to blame the delivery company for not making good on an order.  Now we have verification of what’s really happening with live streamed video and recordings of porch piracy.

Storage Options for Video Doorbells
It’s really important to consider your storage options as well. When something is stolen off your front porch, most companies require you to pay for a monthly plan in order to download and view that footage. But without a plan you can only view footage that’s live. There are several options available with Ring’s Video Doorbell, seemingly the most accommodating for a price of only $10 a month for storage and viewing later, if needed.  Ring’s pricing varies depending on what you get, from about $100-250 for the doorbell system.  Well worth it.

Okay, your holiday shopping lists are about topped off.  You’ve made a list and checked it twice, but don’t forget your “home needs love too.”

Yes, it’s a proven fact, if you take care and maintain your belongings they will function properly at optimum levels and take care of you. Most people don’t realize that the most neglected of our personal investments are our homes and cars?  It’s true. So, since you are considering more than just the above 7 Life Saver’s to complete your home security system, you may want to consider upgrading your home to full automation.

Personal Note:  My fully automated home system includes – everything wireless and DIY.  After piecing together the  “7 Life Saver” home security system items I added, light dimmers, smart door locks, thermo control, fire and an electric garage door opener.  I rewarded myself each month with a new device until complete.  It was cheaper than buying all at once for me.  Everything I needed was is readily available on the internet.  It actually made my journey into full home automation fun, easy and light on the budget.  

When Is the Best time to get on board and Join the Home Security and Automation Movement? 

Now is the best time.  There’s Sales in the “Air.”  If you have been inclined to join the home security movement, then you have permission to go all the way for just a few bucks more, like I did. Why not make your home a completely automated, a convenience driven by an app, your cell phone and voice recognition.

Home security and automation have captured the eyes and hearts of consumers, just like the old days of the gold rush.  Not to mention, the newest technology has been made so affordable with plenty of flexibility. For the growing numbers of DIY’ers, this affordability translates to building your home security and automation systems in app driven integration piece by piece, or as a whole package professionally installed.  Your choice.

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5 Affordable Devices to Automate your home for the Holidays for under $500

Do you ever forget your keys?  Smart Locks would be for you then.  Smart door locks are convenient because you can lock and unlock your doors from anywhere in the world, remotely from an app on your cell phone.

Personal Note: I was recently on a trip in Florida when my good friends of mine stopped by from out of town. Obviously sensing I wasn’t home they called me.  I was able to unlock the front door and accept them on my alarm system via remote app from my cell phone.  How cool is that?  In addition, I was able to view them in my home with the stick up motion sensors and have a two-way conversation with them.  They couldn’t see me, but I could see them.  It’s amazing how well these DIY home security and Automation systems work.

home automation system will normally refer to controlling of lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and appliances. It may also include home security such as access control and alarm systems. When connected with the Internet, home devices are an important constituent of the Internet of Things.

  1. Smart Auto Lights
  2. Smart Climate Control
  3. Smart Entertainment Systems
  4. Smart Appliances
  5. Smart Door Locks

You can check out my recommendations for all your Home Security and Automation needs right here on the: 

 Home Automation Hub

 Home Security Hub

 Santa’s Sleigh is Now Full – Happy Holiday’s

When you think you’ve covered all your bases this year with gifts and your feeling like you’re forgetting something important on your holiday gift list this year, remember your home.  The list of home security and automation devices will continue to build as new technology is available.

These viral numbers are catapulting the home security and automation market into 163.46 billion USD market size by 2025.  Why do you ask?  Because, technology is answering the need for prevention and protection of your Family Safety and Home Security.  The added benefit is Home Automation – because it makes your lives more comfortable with the click of a button. Tie together family safety, home security and home automation and the result is, “Piece of Mind.”

Come Join the Movement.  As always, I have enjoyed writing this article.  I am sure your loved one’s will enjoy the holiday’s with you, and your home will thank you by notifying you if an emergency or crisis arises, and creating a relaxing enjoyable home life for you.

If you have any requests, ideas, comments or questions please leave them in the comments section below.  I am ingrained in this industry and love seeing change for the better.


  1. Padma Su says:

    This is a great list of home security devices and I especially like the topic on preventing porch piracy with Ring’s video doorbell. A great nice to have for me has been the home automation system for absolute control and security at home. Now this appears much more affordable and doable than I ever thought possible. You’re absolutely right, home security is a must-have especially during the holidays when everyone is preoccupied with shopping and other family activities.

  2. Andrey Kuznetsov says:

    Dear Brian
    Thank you very much for your fantastic website. It is amazing that you show people where to start and what steps to take towards their proper understanding of security systems and their value for everyone. I hope more people will know about your website and follow your guidance.
    Kind regards,

  3. Bob Domingos says:

    Stealing packages from porches are what criminals do, as they see it as a quick way to get free stuff and sell it for money. Your Ring Storage Video option will show the criminal while they are in the act. I also like your smart door locks for the house to lock and unlock your doors from anywhere as I’ve forgotten to lock my doors many times. Thanks for the information. Bob

  4. Hi Brian, I had the smart door locks in my previous home. found them really helpful. I really liked that everything was linked up to my cell phone so if there were any unusual occurances I wouls be notified immediately. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Without a doubt, you will be forced to make sure that your home is well protected and well-secured. This is not for the holidays only.

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