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  • The Best In Doorbell Security – Ring 2 Video Doorbell Review

    Ring Video Doorbell with HD Review – A breakthrough in Doorbell Security Oct 10, 2019 Product: Ring Video Doorbell with HD Video Review, Easy Installation  Price: $199.00 + Free Shipping Cheapest Place to Buy: Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars – Highly Recommended   The Ring Doorbell with HD Video Product Overview Ring has been…

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  • The Difference between Wired vs Wireless Security Systems

    Welcome back to my series of articles that will get you ready for your decision on what type of home security system you need.   Let’s address the difference between Wired vs Wireless Home Security Systems. As the series continues, my Two-Step System for your security began with Step 1, followed by Step 2. We are elaborating…

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  • Home Invasions: 3 Actions to Take to Protect Your Family & Home

    How to Prepare for a Home Invasion. The Answer to this question has become the Singular Most Sought After… Is there an Answer? Yes, let’s take a look…   Let’s Get Right to the Heart of the Matter As we dive into this subject matter we will be covering 3 concepts (listed below) and 3…

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  • The Future of Smart Technologies will Double In Less Than 10 Years

    The Future of Smart Home Wireless Technology Affects US All. Wireless Home Security is the New Trend Wireless Home Security Systems and Smart Home availability are already in Super-Trend Mode. The fact is, that it is already a $65 Billion market as we speak. The Future of Smart Technologies will Double In Less Than 10…

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  • Step 1: Family Emergency Plan

    Your not Safe Unless You have a Plan: A household plan (SAP, Safety Action Plan) is the single most important way that you can ensure the “best outcome” for you and your family members should you be faced with a life threatening situation. It is also the first step in a two step process to…

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  • About Brian

    Welcome  Hi everyone and welcome to my Video Security website. Efficient low cost video security has been a passion of mine ever since I was a young adult. For many years dealing directly with the military and law enforcement communities I  purchased and set up many products in the video security world to improve the way we…

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  • Privacy Policy

    Who We Are At, we are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of all visitors to our web site. In particular, we want you to know that is not in the business of selling, renting or trading email lists with other companies and businesses for marketing purposes. In this Privacy Policy, we’ve…

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  • Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. More to come soon!

    by Brian The Future of Smart Technologies will Double In Less Than 10 Years

  • I am unquestionably relieved! Safety at home for my loved ones is a vital priority for me but the amount of money needed to install a really effective home security system was a definite noway! Your article made it clear to me that FINALLY, security is becoming affordable to all of us. So, burglars are getting bolder? With articles like this and your expertise on the subject, I am sure they will remain unemployed LOL. Keep up the good work, Brian. I'll be coming for more!

    by Effie The Future of Smart Technologies will Double In Less Than 10 Years

  • Thanks Tina. A plan is a great first step. I'll have a series coming soon. I hope you'll check back. A plan is so important.

    by Brian Step 1: Family Emergency Plan

  • Thank you and please do come back. I have a series of articles getting ready to come out that will help you decide how to put your plan together

    by Brian Step 1: Family Emergency Plan

  • Thank you. I'm glad you found valuable information. Stay tuned, I can help guide you in the right direction for what you need.

    by Brian Step 2: An Effective Home Security System?