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Hi everyone and welcome to the Home Security Connection, my Video Security website.  I developed this site for regular people like you and me.

Affordable and enhanced video security has been a passion of mine ever since my early 20’s.

For over three decades I have dealt directly with military and law enforcement agencies, local and federal government and communities in over 41 states and 12 countries.  In these capacities I served as protector, liaison, investigator, public servant,  planner, and purchaser of highly sensitive video surveillance equipment.

With my direct experience dealing with victims of high risk, tragic and catastrophic situations to include deadly invasions, I have developed a two-step process in which to keep your family and home safe and protected.

Over the years, I have purchased, set up and used many security products.  To this day I am ingrained in the video security world and online protection resources.

As a former Law Enforcement Investigator I was committed to solving thousands of crimes including burglaries and home invasions.  Most of them were all follow up “after-the-fact.”  I say after the fact because rarely does help arrive prior to a crime being committed.  By the time law enforcement help arrives, the damage has already been done.

Throughout my many years of being active in a solution based “after-the-fact” response and follow up investigations, I was plagued to find a way to alter life threatening victimization occurrences on the front-end instead of only having reactive resources to offer.

After much thought and strife I came up with a Two-Step Solution to this growing problem.  Although such a simple process, only about 38% of Americans take it serious.  It is my Two-Step approach to preventing confrontational based home invasions.

With the Solution at hand I now have a mission to spread the word and help others.  The answer lies in an awareness that bad things can and do happen, so be prepared.

Now I am on a Mission to give back…

Knowing what I know about the prevention and monitoring of catastrophic criminal threats; potential and actual before they occur, I am passing on my two-step method to the all that will benefit, free on my website.  Visitors on my site have grown exponentially over the past year, with more and more people are getting involved in their own family and home safety.

I invite you to take a look around my website – learn and use the concepts I present for your own benefit.  You will find useful ideas, updated tips, statistics, stories, links to assistance, and progressive products to make your life more peaceful and most of all your family and home – safe.

Hopefully, I am doing all I can, and my part,  to improve the way we monitor and protect ourselves, families, valuables and homes–even from far remote locations.  Learning doesn’t cost you anything.  I want you to learn that a Plan coupled with the Right Equipment will ward-off a lot of pain, heartache and violent criminals.

It’s Just this Simple

Goal of Website

To inform the world of consumers of the necessity to protect their families and homes using my practical 2-Step Approach to Family Safety and Home Security.  With this method of planning and protection, consumers will be able to take a proactive stance to combat home invasions and burglaries by keeping the family involved, safe and notify first responders.


  •  Family Safety and Home Security
  •  Two Step Approach to keeping your family and home safe.  

2 Step Approach

Step 1: To practice a Family Emergency Plan of action for each member of the family, to take an active role in during a traumatic home invasion and/or burglary, so that the family can reunite in a central location safely and notify the proper authorities for help.

Step 2:  To proactively utilize a home security system (wired or wireless) as a source of notification of an intruder approaching the home, so that the family can activate their Family Plan of Action prior to intrusion, allowing for the proper notification of the authorities for assistance.   


With each member of the household knowing and practicing a family emergency plan, members will focus on their roles therefore, keeping their “eyes” on the goal of safety rather than panic and chaos.  

With the addition of a home security system, you will be notified prior to an intruder making it to the inside of the home, allowing for the family to activate their emergency plan, notifying help and making it to safety.  Addionally, the incident is recorded on video and alarm sirens sound off if the home is breached.

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If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Brian Keller


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    I’m getting ready to buy a “Ring 2” system. Shall I order it from Amazon.

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