7 Tips to – Stop Burglars from Targeting your Home

Stop Burglars from Targeting your Home

Soft Target Home

Become a Hard Target – It Begins with You

Whether your home is a hard target or a soft target,  prevention and awareness becomes a decision that only you can control.

A hard target is  a home that burglars would avoid breaking into out of fear for being caught.  On the other hand, a soft target is a home that displays vulnerabilities, easy access and stands out as “easy to get in to.”

As the homeowner it is your responsibility to protect the home, contents of, and your family living inside.  To best accomplish this, we need to harden up your home so it will stop burglars from targeting it to begin with.


7 Immediate Changes to Stop Burglars from Targeting your Home

Knowing how to place your security cameras to better catch a burglar is only one part of the equation. Learning how to stop burglars from targeting your home in the first place can make all the difference between becoming a victim, or learning a difficult lesson.

Most burglars are deterred by security cameras and outdoor security signage, but not all. Since not every burglar sees them as a deterrent, there are additional measures you must take to stop your home from becoming a targeted in to begin with.

Here are seven changes you can make immediately to stop your home from being the target of a burglary.

Home Security Automation for your Home

1. Install Home Security Cameras

Since the majority of criminals will not target a home that has security cameras, one of the best things you can do to protect your home from becoming a target is installing a home security system with cameras on your property.

Security cameras keep crime away from your home since the burglar knows there’s a chance an alarm will be set off.  The fact that you have a security system and cameras won’t keep all burglars away though.

Some burglars see the cameras as signs that, you have money, hidden treasure, and are attracted to these types of homes.  This is why it’s important to combine several layered-measures to ensure your home is protected from all kinds of danger.

2.  Video Doorbell

Video Doorbell by Ring

Having a video doorbell also helps to protect your home. Burglars may knock before breaking into the home to ensure verify that it is empty.  If you answer the door, they can “switch hats” and ask for someone that doesn’t live there. Or, say they are trying to sell something.

Many times, people knocking on your door want you to help them under false pretenses.  They claim that their car has broken down and need to use your phone – don’t let them in.  That’s a sure sign they are trying to get inside your home.

Once they are in your home it can quickly turn in to a home invasion. Most people have there own cell phone now days. Don’t let them in.  At the very least, they know you’re home and will do one of two things.  Either leave because you are there, or invade your home, which is probable.

I use and recommend the, Video Doorbell by Ring.  This system allows me to be notified when someone even steps in to the preset path that I have set for the doorbell sensors – before they get to the door.  This allows me to assess the situation before they get to the door.  Once a person steps in to the path of the sensors the HD video begins recording.

With my system I can see who it is, talk to them from the app on my phone.  Or, if I’m not home, I can see, talk and  or call for the police right from the app from anywhere in the world.  When burglars don’t know weather the home is occupied or not, they will most likely turn to find an easier target elsewhere.

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3. Always Have Your Alarm Set

Most burglars will run off if your alarm goes off. They know that if the house alarm is set off, the police will arrive soon after and the entire neighborhood will be alerted. This means that if you go away, even for a quick errand you should set the alarm on your security system.

Although some burglars may know how to deactivate older alarms, the newer, more advanced alarms that we have come to call Smart Alarms need to be deactivated, which is not easily accomplished.

4.  Don’t forget Man’s Best Friend – A Dog

Man's Best Friend

Similar to an alarm, you might want to consider getting a dog. Dogs are notorious for barking when they sense trouble or are alarmed themselves.  They are definitely a deterrent and help to keep burglars away from the home.

Not only are they a physical threat but they act as a living alarm that will will bark and make others aware of the intruder.  This means that if they happen to get by the alarm set by the security system, they will stumble into the dog.


5. Install Motion-Activated Lights

If the burglar enters the property at night, they’re going to try to stay in the “shadows.”  In the shadows are areas that block your vision and they don’t receive a lot of light. They want to ensure that no one will see them and that the neighbors won’t call the cops.

Motion activated lights work well to prevent burglars from getting near the home. If they decide to step onto the property, they will find themselves in a flood of light in the open and being recorded. If a burglar feels as if their mission has been compromised, they will immediately leave the area.

When installing motion-activated lights, make sure that the lights are in front of windows and doors that the burglar might use to enter the home. Place them in the driveway and in the side yards. You want the lights to be in places where the intruder would try to sneak by.

6. Keep Trees and Bushes Trimmed

Homes that are targeted by burglars are those that are away from other homes and have brush and trees that provide cover for burglaries to happen. Trees that obscure the front or back of the home provides the perfect cover for burglars since they have a place to hide them from people who might see them from the road.

If your home is away from other homes, cut back shrubs and trees to make sure that your home can be clearly seen from the road. It would certainly be smart to line outside windows with thorny rose bushes, holly and other pointed bushes.

You also want to make sure there aren’t any “dark spots” where an intruder would be able to hide from the lights of the home at night.  Since most burglars rob in the darkness of early morning, they can also use dark spots in the trees to hide from neighbors who are still home at that hour.

7. Play the Radio When You’re Out of the Home

One of the best ways to stop burglars from targeting your home is by playing the TV or radio whenever you leave the home. For the most part, burglars rob homes when they know no one is home. They try to knock on the door before breaking in since they don’t want to run into someone inside.

If the radio or TV is playing (even if they watched everyone leave the house), they won’t attempt to break in since they’ll assume someone is still inside. This is one of the best things you can do because it will stop burglars from targeting the house. If the house does become a target, playing a radio will make your home become “burglar-proof.”

If you don’t want to waste electricity while you’re out the home. You can buy batteries or use a solar-powered radio to play music. You also want to ensure that the sound is loud enough to be heard from the outside. When you leave the house, you should be able to hear the music or talking from the front porch, but not from the driveway.  This will keep your home safe and the neighbors from complaining about the noise.

Let’s Wrap it Up

As you have learned in this article, the goal is to make your home stand out less to stop burglars from targeting your home.  These 7 tips will keep thieves from even thinking of breaking into your home.  However, should they attempt to cross your path your outdoor lights, video doorbell will notify you of an intruders presence.

To prevent burglars from targeting your home we employ more then one precautionary measure.  This gives you a full range of preventative measures (layers if you will) to catch or deter burglars.  Combining the 7 tips will ensure your home and family’s safety.  You can see how one tips overlaps the other so you have a web of safety nets from criminals.

In the even that you are home and an intruder does get in you will fall back on your Family Emergency Plan.  As you become more familiar with home and family safety, you can add more than the 7 tips as you feel needed.  These tips will prove more than effective as only 28% of US families currently have a plan and security system to protect themselves.  Be proud of yourselves for taking these tips seriously.  It will pay off when you need them.

I hope you have received the message here and I would appreciate your comments and questions.  Or, if you have an idea to be added to the 7 Tips.  Please leave any feedback below in the comments area.


  1. Lyle Patrick says:

    Your info is super helpful. Your tip about leaving a radio or TV on is pretty clever! I usually leave at least one light on when I’m away.

    I’ve been thinking about getting home security cameras for a few months, and now I have some other things to think about (like the doorbell camera). I already have a dog who barks if tehre is any noise, like even a squirrel running across the roof, so she’s a good deterrent for sure.

    What do you think about the Ring vs Simplisafe?

    • Brian says:

      I appreciate your comments. Sounds like you’ve got some experience. I think the jury’s still out on the squirrels lol. Simplisafe vs Ring? Both strong competitors. Ring a bit more advanced, well known and refined. Preference for either is usually decided by referral and/or research from family or friends. Good question!

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